Toys In the Name of Love

Toys In the Name of Love


Self love in All Its Glory

In a world where the need to have self love is really vital for survival, you should teach your kids how to have self love at a very young age. When we say self love, we mean the ability to love you, it really is self explanatory. Self-love comes from within; it comes from you.

Self love isn’t something you can buy or acquire. Neither can you get a book or video to teach you how to love yourself. Not even a new partner can make you love yourself more. These things may feel good, but it sure won’t give the self-love you desire.

There are so many self-love directives everywhere, but do you realize that self-love can be embedded from childhood? Many parents, especially those with daughters complain a lot about their children lacking in confidence. For children, self-love can be taught and explained to them in so many ways, especially through dolls and toys. Most times, children don’t see themselves as being their own person. This is where the issue of self-love comes in. Healthy toys can lay the groundwork for teaching your children about self-love.

Toys teaching love?

It is no news that things or behavioral patterns children pick up in their formative years goes ahead to shape their lives and future. Gradually, things you let them see, hear, watch and in fact eat begin to manifest itself in the way they handle stuffs and later on real life situations.

Imagine how easy it is for you to buy a doll for your girl child and watch her care for that doll every day, subconsciously inculcating in her the sense of responsibility for a thing even though it is inanimate.

Without offense to anyone, what is obtainable in most commercial toy markets today are white dolls (on sale). You would agree with me that a girl of color may not be able to see a reflection of herself in these dolls; hence it may be difficult for her to come to love herself enough since she sees no comparisons. You can help her by getting a doll that looks more like her. Subconsciously, you are teaching her to accept herself and to embrace her features.

Take full and absolute responsibility for your children. Remember they see, hear and literally do the things you do. Be their live sized model toy; show them in every way possible how to love themselves. You really are the best example you can use!


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