Top 3 Celebrity Kid Birthday Parties in 2015-2016

Top 3 Celebrity Kid Birthday Parties in 2015-2016


If you want to see a party that closes out a place or cost a pretty penny, you don’t have to look at the working class. It would appear that celebrities throw such parties for their children all the time. These are people with money to burn, and they often give their children nothing but the best and the best of everything. Party themes and all kinds of extravagance for children who are so young, they will only be able to remember through pictures shown to them when they are older.

One example is Suri, the daughter of Katie Holmes. This year the now 10 year old had a bash and a pre-bash in celebration of her birthday, which is April 18th. According to a magazine article, Suri’s mom posted a message on Instagram, declaring the day a special one for her. “So grateful for my favorite day of the year!!!!!! Happy Birthday to my sweet angel Suri," the actress posted. When Suri was four, she was given a party with a tea party theme with butterflies and a cake rumored to cost $5,000.

It looked like four was the magic number for Beyonce and JayZ’s daughter, Blue Ivy. For her birthday on January 7 this year, she had a fairy-themed party that rivaled others’ fairy-themed birthday bashes. Teepees, butterfly chairs, flowers in abundance and balloons; along with two fairy princess visitors were part of Blue Ivy’s bash. Somehow, archery was woven into the celebratory affair.

Who did Tori Spelling call for her son Liam’s 4th birthday? She and hubby went all out with a Ghostbuster theme, complete with a bright green Ghostbuster cake.,24963

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