New African American Toy Store for the Black Community

New African American Toy Store for the Black Community

With the growing population of African American clientele, it is only logical that toy shops and stores keep their needs and preference in mind. Regardless of the color of the stores and what community they are serving, the truth is that it would be a mistake to ignore the shopping needs of African Americans who are not only getting more conscious but increasing in numbers.

A simple example can be taken on the diversity in dolls being sold at retailers and online stores. If one observes, there is still a shortage of African American dolls in the market. Their absence in the market can send mixed messages especially to the impressionable minds of growing toddlers and children. Children should be given the chance to play with toys that send positive messages about themselves and build their self-esteem. The absence of African American toys can send a negative message and hurt the self-esteem of African American kids.

Letters from children to Santa Claus often have details and demands for certain toys in particular colors. There are mentions of dolls and action figures with a certain skin and hair color. Children need a healthy and natural environment around them to develop and grow in. The toy is much more than just a toy and is a tickler for the blossoming intellect of the child.

Lack of African American toys sheds light on the battles with colorism and the racially exclusive toy industry. Still, it is seen that Black children have fewer options for Black dolls and Black action figures to play. And, whatever dolls are made for them are not represented accurately and favorably. However, times are changing. Both African American and White communities are taking an interest in African American dolls that are a break away from the literal White mold.

Toy companies are realizing the need and creating more of those ethnically representative lines of African American dolls. While children carry certain preferences, and the Whiter dolls have always been the rage, it is only recently that many children have demonstrated preferences for African American dolls. And, with the growing population of children of color, the toy industry is taking notice. The purchasing power of African Americans is crossing over $1 trillion.

Explore IttyBittyBees, the new premier online toy store that aims to meet the need of the black and brown communities. Their mission is to provide the little ones with toys that are not only fun and exciting, but send a positive message.


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  • Charles A Wright - May 13, 2018

    Hello I am very excited to see God’s blessings being poored out (James 2:1) (Romans2:11) God bless

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